Monday, March 7, 2016

Open Mic Night Changes


An artist co-op, with roots extending into the very beginnings of Dixon, IL and the Sauk Valley area.

It's a great thing when an organization has to change to keep up with it's demand. Rosbrook's Open Mic Night has done just that. They've announced the following new guidelines to help get all the local muscians in.


Due to the interest in the Second Saturday Open Mic at Rosbrook Studio, we've made some adjustments to ensure that every interested musician has opportunity to participate and to ensure a great music vibe for everyone! Here are the guidelines:

*Music will start earlier! 7pm!
*Solo/duet acts will enjoy a 15 minute set.
*Full bands will play for 30 minutes.

*Rosbrook Doors will open at 6pm on open mic day and sign up will take place at/after that time.
Ways to sign up for a set:
*Stop in at Rosbrook at 6pm or after on open mic day to sign up.
*If you're not able to physically come to Rosbrook at/after 6pm on open mic day, message us on the Rosbrook Studio facebook page after 6pm that day.
*If you can't physically come to Rosbrook at 6pm and you don't use Messenger, call or text 815-973-7824 after 6pm on open mic day.

Musicians who travel more than 30 miles to participate can schedule ahead by messaging Rosbrook on facebook or by texting/calling 815-973-7824.
It's exciting that this great, community musical event has lasted for several seasons and continues to grow! Thank you for making it great!

Keep on rocking on Rosbrook!

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