Friday, February 25, 2011

DMS Honors Volunteers

Pictured above from left to right: Mandy Curia, Laura Bock, Jennifer Bubrick, and Luke Dixon.

This past year, Dixon Main Street has had many great volunteers working hard to make Dixon a great place to live. Here are this year's volunteer award winners . . .

Volunteer of the Year
Jennifer Bubrick and Laura Bock

Rookie of the Year
Mandy Curia

Cornerstone Award Winners
Jeff Lovett
Luke Dixon

Spirit Award -- Sarah Smith
Behind the Scenes -- Chris Wolfe
Visionary Award -- Andrew Brockwell
Creativity Award -- Amy Fenwick
Leadership Award -- Brittany Herwig
Promotion MVP -- Nicole Bollman
Organization MVP -- Kevin Fenwick
Design MVP -- Dennis Turner
Economic Restructuring MVP -- Glen Hughes

Allied Waste helps beautify downtown Dixon


Dixon Main Street recently received a donation from Allied Waste to help with the continued streetscape improvements in downtown Dixon. The donation of $1,237 went to help purchase two additional trash cans for the downtown.

Dixon Main Street Executive Director Josh Albrecht said the donation is another step in the revitalization efforts in downtown Dixon.

"This is a great donation for the city," Albrecht said. "Many of the trash containers in downtown Dixon have gotten beat up over the years. The addition of two new containers will help to beautify the streetscape."

Allied Waste made the donation to Dixon Main Street last year after volunteer Mitch Tucker pitched the idea to Ralph Wolf of Allied Waste. Once the donation was in place, DMS worked with the City of Dixon to purchase the same trash containers used as part of the Hennepin Avenue project.

The City of Dixon will place the two new cans on First Street between Galena and Hennepin Avenue once the weather improves.

"We hope to continue replacing the trash cans as monies become available," Albrecht said. "It is a small step, but one that immediately shows improvement."

For more information on the downtown streetscape improvements or to donate funds to continue the trash container upgrades, contact DMS at 815-288-2308.