Friday, December 18, 2015

A Cup of Joe

Getting a cup of Joe can seem so simple. But it's not. There are so many places to get coffee. You can enjoy it at home, pick it up at a drive through, from a gas station, or at a local shop. How you enjoy your coffee says so much about you and the lifestyle you choose. I was talking to some "out of towners" today and they made the comment that life just slows down here. And to be honest it does. 

I waited in line at the bank with only one person in front of me for ten minutes. But this didn't upset me and like most locals it didn't upset the man behind me either. Why? Because the older woman in front of me wanted to ask about the tellers' family and update her on her living arrangements. You see there is something so wonderful about this. In Dixon you are somebody. No matter your age, race, career choice or economic status. You have a name and you are an important part of the Dixon community. 

Now back to coffee. I go to several places but today I wanted to share one of my favorites, Baker Street. This shop has character. It's not your normal smiley small town joint, it's a little more, we have great stuff and you can work on your computer with your head phones type of place. I love Margie, the owner. I can ask her if my outfit is too matchy, matchy and I know she'll tell me the truth. She also will give me some of the best concocted specialty coffee drinks I've ever had. I enjoy my cup of joe best in Dixon where I can be called by name and my new sweater be noticed for being, well, new.


Just a view of this quaint shop.

And just in time for the holidays, tins of fudge in gorgeous wrapping!

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