Tuesday, February 26, 2008

285-PUBS Update

Thank you for calling 285-PUBS, presented by Venier’s Jewelry and Dixon Main Street.

There’s always something going on in downtown Dixon, so stop on down for drink specials and live entertainment at one of our fine establishments.

The Stables has DJ music every Thursday night.

Zeros is great for watching your favorite sports

Rhyno’s has Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night drink specials.

Spurgeon’s Bay has live music every Saturday night and tasty sweet potato fries.

Wilson’s Tap has all your lotto and packaged liquor needs. Or stay for a game of pool.

For daily free wine tastings and both local and international wines, stop in at Of the Prairie.

Alley Loop is great for pool or darts and great tacos for dinner on Thursdays.

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